Hockey Strength and Conditioning Program

Ice hockey is a fast paced and physical game which requires power and tremendous strength. Yes, speed is important, but so is strength and endurance. It is played on the ice and includes contact since, when training for this, several factors come into play that help you to stay safe and will enhance your game.


Neck and Trapezius. Ice hockey is a contact sport, and violent crashes are part of the game. This implies the possibility of sustaining a spinal or concussion injury exists. By strengthening shield yourself and your playing profession.

Hips and Legs. Becoming a volatile and strong player on the ice needs a commitment to lower-body strength and power training.

Midsection. A powerful midsection helps transport power from the lower body to the upper body during athletic moves, while securing the back to protect against harm. Focus on total-body fit moves that engage the center, like Med Ball Spinning Throws. Perform two or just one exercises especially for the abs and lower back.

Upper Body. Perform various exercises that engage the muscles of shoulders, the torso and upper back. Growing a muscular and powerful upper body will help also dissipate some of the strength when collisions happen on the ice and create shot electricity.

Hold Strength. Powerful hands help with shot precision, puck control and power. They will have great strength possibility although are comparatively modest. Train them with exactly the same intensity and focus as you’d torso and your quads with Presses and Squats.

Ice Hockey Strength Workout: Specifics
Below is a sample work out you are able to use to grow your muscles for an effective ice hockey season. This workout two to three times each week. For the best results, keep exact records and constantly strive to raise repeats performed or the weight.

4-Way Neck (forward, backwards, sides) – 1×12-15
Shrugs – 2×12-15
Squats – 2×12-15
Group Adductions – 1×12-15
Sit Ups – 2×20-30
Low-Rear Hypers – 1×20-30
Chin Ups – 3xmax
Dippity Do Da’s – 3xmax
Hand Grippers – 1×10-12
Wrist Roller – 1×10-12
Rev BB Curls – 1×10-15

Do that a few times a week and you’ll be CRUSHING it on the rink!